Collection #0

Collection #0

Margaret SMITH offers 6 necklaces, 2 rings, 2 pierced earrings,1 ear cuff and 2 bracelets for collection #0.
The inspiration for this collection is mourning jewellery which is sometimes called sentimental jewellery. The symbolism of this jewellery was unique and popular during Victorian period in the UK.
The idea of mourning jewellery was to be worn by the loved one and used in memory for the person they had lost. The pearls were symbolic of the tears of the person left behind which links to the identity of the brand with the intention of creating heartwarming and emotional pieces. This interpretation has inspired the signature pieces that are Mabe Pearl Locket Necklace and Ring.
Nowadays it is easy to create and delete something that is digital, however this is something that will not be able to be done by yourself… so Margaret SMITH hopes those loved ones or ones in memory will be able to be put inside the locket and carried all the time to remind the wearer about their love and deep feeling for their loved one.
Collection #0 is created and designed to be a beautiful way to express your emotions and become heirloom jewellery that can be passed down through the family.

ファーストシーズンとなるCollection #0では、ネックレス6モデル、リング2モデル、ピアス・イヤーカフ 3 モデル、ブレスレット2モデルを展開。

Collection #0のインスピレーション源は、ヴィクトリア期に流行した『モーニング・ジュエリー(mourning jewellery)』や『センチメンタル・ジュエリー』と呼ばれるユニークな文化。愛する人や故人への想いを込めてジュエリーを身に着けるという文化は、温もりとエモーションを大切にするブランドアイデンティティとリンクします。




ブランドのアイテムがその「想い」を守るツールとなり、そのツールとしてMargaret SMITHが代々継承されていく存在になることを願い、Collection #0が誕生しました。